Beware Greeks bearing gifts and the Labour Party bearing promises.

Can't wait for this petition to get delivered.
Can’t wait for this petition to get delivered.

Or why you shouldn’t vote Labour in 2015, 2016 or until the seventh generation.

Or why Labour are a treacherous pit of snakes.

Labour are no longer the party of the working class, this is clearly shown by their policies and duplicities in the last few years so here’s a quick run down of the most recent ones.

1. Gordon Brown flat out lied to the Scottish people about having concrete powers that had secretly been getting sorted by the three parties in the closing weeks of the referendum. He gambled that people were totally ignorant of how lengthy a process to get more powers would be or how improbable his promises were even if there could have been a secret agreement between the parties. He hoped that peoples preference to avoid pperceivedrisk was larger than their distrust of politicians and he was right.

2. Labour knowingly got involved in an illegal war in Iraq committing or abetting untold war crimes in the name of profit and oil.


3. Labour lied about the safety of the Scottish NHS whilst its own supporters in England were marching to London to save it.

4. Labour have failed to improve poverty rates in its heartland areas, a cynic might suggest that impoverished people are more likely to vote Labour.

5. Labour are undemocratic – members get multiple votes on issues depending on how many trade unions etc they are members of – if i remember correctly Johann Lamont had 7 votes to vote for herself as Scottish Labour leader.

6. “Scottish” Labour is a misnomer they have no autonomy from British Labour and ultimately the Scottish Labour leader is just a subordinate of the Labour leader in Westminster they have no special Scottish interests.

7. Labour runs as an oligarchy, just look at Anas Sarwar and his dad. They care more about retaining power than forwarding any political policy or looking after their constituents.

8. Case in point, it took 6 months for Labour to sign the SNP pledge to not evict tenants in their council houses for Bedroom Tax arrears. In the meantime they made full use of those powers to do just that.

9. Labour do no respect democracy Labour councils were at the forefront of punishing Scotland for its political re-engagement, illegally hunting people for historic Poll Tax debt in the aftermath of the referendum.

10. It all boils down to this, Labour ARE the Tory party, every policy they have is just a little to the left or right of the Tory policy depending on which way they think middle England leans. They don’t propose saving the NHS, They propose privitising it slower. 

This is how little they think of you.
This is how little they think of you.

They don’t propose fixing the welfare system to save lives, they propose being even tougher than the Conservatives. They will not fix anything, they do not care what is in yours or anyone else’s north of Londons well being unless they are part of the club. It used to be said that a monkey in a red tie could get elected in Scotland and in the last few months Labour have clearly shown exactly how little they think of the Scottish electorate. They treat us with utter contempt then expect us to get back in our boxes and either vote for them or not vote. I have in the past voted Labour but it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for them again.


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