Going Old Testament on New Labour and other stories.

“They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.”

Here in lies my collected rambling thoughts of a very long historic night.

1. The Scottish result quite clearly proves what has been said on pro indy blogs over an over again; The Scottish vote does not save England from themselves. Add all the seats SNP won to Labour, go ahead, even the previously Lib Dem seats. Do you notice how monumentally far behind Labour still are?


2. The SNP results are not undemocratic; the system than all the Unionist parties advocate is undemocratic. It’s just that before now that broken system has always worked in their favour. I couldn’t help but notice how they were quick enough to compare the voting difference between UKIP (12.5%, 1 seat) with the SNP (5%, 56 seats) while ignoring the more glaring issue of Conservatives (36%, 276 seats) and Labour (31%, 215 seats)

3. The Lib Dems abandoned their normal ground to side with the Tories and have been rightfully punished for it. Either you agree with their choices in which case why not just vote Tory, or you disagree and why not vote anything other than Tory, Lib Dem or UKIP. R.I.P Lib Dems, you shall not be missed.

4. On a similar vein Scottish Labour proved for two years to prefer Tory austerity to any alternative in an independent Scotland and have been similarly punished for their broken promised and grandiose “vows” by their betrayed electorate. To quote The National “Labour’s days of monkeys with red rosettes are over”. Cheerio Scottish Labour, you also shall not be missed.

5. There is no such thing as a safe seat in Scotland. The singular Tory is joined by a lonely Carmichael with a woeful majority of 817 and a bereft Ian Murray with only 2,637 majority. Panda jokes abound.

7. David Cameron effectively set the date for the next Scottish referendum if his EU one goes as expected.

8. As Bennet said the political map of Scotland looks familiar…


9. Despite the great Scottish story the rest of the UK has seen fit to return a Conservative majority to continue their ideological war on the poor and vulnerable without even the weak fetters of needing Lib Dem general consensus but don’t worry there’s a new princess!


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