Like most people I dislike politics and politicians, unfortunatly I do like sick or disabled people getting the provision they need to survive and morally bankrupt individuals not running the country to line their pockets.

So until these things are accepted as social norms as opposed to the ravings of a frothing mad man I guess I take an active interest in politics, despite my dislike.

I am Scottish, or as I should now say, Northern British and voted yes in the Scottish Referendum. This is my second political blog for the fallout of that event (you can find my much more upbeat pre-referendum blog here) this blog is not created to try and generate consensus or educate my friends and colleagues as 55% proved unwilling to learn or listen.

This blog will instead be an unapologetic commentary on British political life through a Scottish lens. You have been warned.

I also like cats.


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A political blog in the apocalyptic future of the referendum aftermath.

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